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When shopping for kids clothing, go to thrift stores, garage sales, consignment stores, and clearance racks.  Choose items your child(ren) will wear, in a size or two bigger than their current fit.  Bring it to Sew Joyful Creations where it will be altered to fit your child(ren) at present, while leaving options for the garment to be let out as your child grows!
Clearance racks are often full of larger size clothing at a very low price!  Find something in your style, then bring it to Sew Joyful Creations and have it altered to fit!  Also, when searching through the clothing racks, keep an eye out for garments that may have a missing button, broken zipper, loose seam, etc.  Retailers will often discount damaged items significantly, and you can then bring it to Sew Joyful Creations to be repaired! 
For more ideas and ways to save money on clothing for kids and adults, call or email Sew Joyful Creations TODAY! 
If you're like most people, you want your clothing budget to stretch.  With the current cost to buy new (and decent!) clothing, it is much more economical to have your garments altered and/or repaired as needed, rather than go out to buy new.  Sew Joyful Creations specializes in professional and creative techniques to alter and repair clothing!  Is your clothing looking a little worn and out of style?  Bring it to Serena at Sew Joyful Creations for some TLC that will give any old garment a fresh, new look!  Best of all, Sew Joyful Creations is truly budget friendly, providing you with an excellent quality of service at a very competitive price! 
Clothing your child(ren) can be a daunting and costly task.  Any parent knows that children will quickly grow out of their clothes, if they don't damage it first!  Take a look at your box of unused children's clothing.  Are you getting rid of it due to missing buttons, ripped knees, stains, broken zipper?  Perhaps the pants are now too short, or the top too tight?  Serena at Sew Joyful Creations specializes in techniques for altering and repairing children's clothing to make it last longer!  Call now and find out how services from Sew Joyful Creations can save you a ton of money on clothing your child(ren)!
There are endless possibilities for altering and repairing clothing, or upcycling it to give it a fresh, new look!  Call Sew Joyful Creations today for a free estimate, and start saving money on your clothing budget!
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