What is Upcycling?

For the purpose of clothing, upcycling is the process of utilizing unwanted, damaged, or discarded clothing in order to create a completely new, one of a kind garment that is of higher quality, better look, and more value.  This is a concept that has been around for hundreds of years, and was quite popular in the 30's & 40's when most families had little to no economic or material resources.  Items were used over and over, constantly being repurposed until they were no longer useful.  
One of the greatest reasons to choose upcycling is because of the positive impact on our enviornment.  14.3 Million tons of textiles were sent to landfill in 2014.  By rescuing and reusing old clothing, we are preventing  tons of waste being thrown into our landfills. 

Most of us will pack up our old, unwanted clothing and donate it to the local thrift stores, and feel we are doing a good job by not throwing it away, and letting someone else get some use out of it.  However, only about 20-30% of donated clothing is actually resold.

Another excellent reason to upcycle clothing is for keepsake or memorabilia purposes.  If Grandpa passes away, his old dress shirts can be made into a super cute new dress for his granddaughter.  T-Shirts your child collected while growing up can be made into a quilt or even throw pillows.  Some of us hold onto a special shirt or dress that we love for various reasons.  It can be transformed into something our children can wear, or even something else for us to now wear.  The possibilities here are truly endless!

There are many other reasons to upcycle: artistic flair, be absolutely unique, save money on clothing your child(ren).  Whatever your reason, Serena at Sew Joyful Creations specializes in this amazing technique and would love to combine her creative skills with your unique vision!