Custom Sewing

Let your unique style shine through!  Your vision will become a reality when combined with the creative and specialized skills of Serena at Sew Joyful Creations.  Whether you are looking to transform your home with custom made home decor, or want to flaunt your unique style with custom made clothing, Sew Joyful Creations is here for you!  Special requests welcome! 

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Home Decor

Make it YOUR Space

Each and every one of us has a unique flair when it comes to decorating our homes.  It's your space, and you want it to showcase your one-of-a-kind style!  

Perhaps you've just moved into a new home, and are looking for budget friendly ways to liven up your space? 

Maybe you've been in your home  awhile....staring at the same ol' decor you've had for years, and are ready for a fresh, new look? 

Either way, a consultation with Serena at Sew Joyful Creations will get you on your way to having your home looking the way YOU want it to!  Even those on a budget can make some simple changes that will have a dramatic effect! 

Call now to find out how you can liven up your home, even on a budget!

  • Curtains/Drapes
  • ​Decorative Throw Pillows
  • Bench Cushion Covers
  • ​Tablecloths or Runners
  • Lampshades
  • Outdoor Cushion Covers
  • Outdoor Throw Pillows
  • ​And MORE!

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Nursery & Baby Essentials
Hooded Towels
The perfect end to a warm bubble bath! Made with high quality, soft and plush towels,  then accented with the fabric or trim of your choice. Perfect to wrap baby up and keep him or her warm and cozy after their bath.
​*Available for older kids too!
Travel Changing Supplies
Change baby (almost) anywhere with these these must have diaper changing supplies. Changing pad wipes clean, and the diaper/wipes pouch keeps all your supplies in one place. Simply toss it in your purse or bag and be ready to go!
Burp Cloths
Custom made burp cloths are made from specialty fabric that is highly absorpbent: perfect for spit-up, spills, and other baby messes. Throw them in the wash and use over and over again.  Accented with the fabric of your choice, they'll be completely adorable yet highly functional.
Bring your dream nursery to life
with custom made crib bedding and nursery decor! 
  • Car Seat Canopy
  • Boppy Pillow Cover
  • Bibs
  • ​Baby's Coming Home Outfit
  • ​Nursing Cover
   For the Crib:
  • Crib Blanket
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Bumper
  • ​Skirt
  • ​Baby Swaddler
   For the Nursery:
  • ​Curtains or Blackout Drapes
  • Lampshades
  • Rocking Chair Cushion
  • Changing Pad Cover
  • Diaper Stacker
  • Decorative Pillows
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Your Dream Nursery!
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  • ​Layaway Plans

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Pillow Beds & Bean Bags

4 Pillow Bed
​24" Wide x 68" Long

XL Lounger
​36" Wide x 65" Long

Bean bags come in a variety of sizes for all ages, from toddlers through adults.  They are the perfect addtion to a dorm room, bed room, play room, living room, or even the back porch! The giant bean bag chairs can be used as an extra piece of furniture when you have guests, or as a comfy spot to take a nap, watch a movie, play a video game, or read a good book! Smaller bean bag chairs are the perfect spot for kids to kick back and watch a movie, or have a cozy spot to sit and study.  The built in back rest makes it easy to sit up without getting a sore neck or back, but they can also be flipped on their side for laying down flat. 
Pillow Beds are made to fit anywhere from 4-6 standard size pillows, and are perfect for your child or teen to take with them to grandma's house, sleepovers, or camping.  They also make a comfy spot for daycare and preschool naps, or just lounging around at home. They are like an instant spare bed: ideal for when you have nieces, nephews or grandchildren visiting, or when you're hosting sleepovers!
Toddlers and younger children will enjoy being able to take a nap anywhere, while older children and teens can lie comfortably on the pillow bed to read, study, watch TV, or play video games.


Add an

  • S    32" W x 44" L   
  • ​M   34" W x 50" L 
  • L    36" W x 54" L
  • ​XL  36" W x 65" L 

​Custom Sizes Available!

  • 4 Pillow Bed 24" W x 68" L 
  • ​5 Pillow Bed 24" W x 85" L
  • ​6 Pillow Bed 24" W x 102" L​ 

​ Custom Sizes Available!

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Custom Clothing & Costumes
Why Choose Custom Clothing?
*A special date needs a special dress​
*Costume for a part in a play
*Holiday party outfit
*The perfect outfit for a choir performance
*An outfit for a dance or musical recital
*Coordinating outfits for family photographs, engagement photos, etc.
*Unique Halloween costume
*Mother of the Bride needs a special dress too
*Flower girl/ring boy outfits
​*Bridesmaid Dresses
*A one of a kind outfit for baby's first photos
*Child's special outfit for birthday party or photographs
*The perfect dress for an upcoming dance
*You simply want something unique and suited to your body & style
Financing Options
​Layaway Plans
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Throughout her lifetime, for one occasion or another, almost every woman will find herself in need of a very special, unique and stylish dress.  Whether it's her first piano recital, or time for engagement photos, she will want something that fits her, and matches her personal style.  Not one body is created the same, and many women find it difficult to find something special, off the rack, that truly fits her unique shape.  And no woman or girl wants to show up to her occasion in the same outfit as someone else.   

Call or text Sew Joyful Creations today to learn more about custom made dresses, skirts, and other special occassion outfits!
Boys & Girls Clothing
Serena at Sew Joyful Creations stocks hundreds of patterns for all different sizes, genders, and ages. 

Choosing to have clothing custom made for your child(ren) can actually save you alot of money in the long run!  Serena uses top-notch equipment and supplies, which creates clothing that will last longer.

Serena has spent many years perfecting techniques to make kids clothing last longer, and uses techniques in the construction of children's garments that will allow the garment to "grow" with the child: meaning that it can easliy be let out in the future, to continue fitting your child as he/she gets bigger.

As children go through school, and all their many activities, the need for a special outfit will arise.  Whether your child is a musician, a singer, a thespian, or a dancer, there will come a point when they need something to wear that is unique and suited to the occassion.  Even a young child won't want to show up at the event wearing the same outfit as someone else!  Children are unique, and their clothing should be too! 

  • Halloween Costumes
  • ​Play Dress Up Clothes
  • ​1st Birthday Outfit
  • Performance Attire
  • ​Flower Girl or Ring Boy Ensemble
  • ​And MORE!

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